10 reasons dogs drink a lot of water

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10 reasons dogs drink a lot of water

Dogs should always have water at their disposal. Still, when they start drinking more water than usual, it is a sign that should not be ignored, as it can be related to various diseases that develop quickly and become critical problems.

In addition to water that should always be available when the dog wants it, food also plays an important role in water intake, and, therefore, owners need to give their dogs wet food. In addition to wet food, they should also change the water every day, since when the water is exposed to dust, it becomes dirty, and it is not good to give that water to dogs. If owners don’t drink powdered water, why should dogs drink?

If you’ve noticed that your dog is drinking more water than usual, get to know the ten most common reasons dogs consume more water.

#1 Breed
Some breeds like water more and need to ingest more water than others. This reason is not problematic and is normal.

#2 Crushing Syndrome
This disease affects the endocrine system of dogs by altering cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that helps control stress and is one of the main reasons your dog is thirstier than usual. In addition to thirst, other disease symptoms are increased hunger, obesity, hair loss, and muscle weakness.

#3 Diabetes
Diabetes prevents dogs’ bodies from adequately absorbing sugar from food, causing blood glucose levels to rise. Dogs with diabetes look to drink more water, but this is not the only symptom. Other symptoms of diabetes are extreme hunger, weight loss, excessive urination, more sleepy and still dog, among other symptoms. Stay tuned!

#4 Extreme weather changes
Extreme weather changes affect the loss of water from a dog’s body and, consequently also, its water intake. Like us, dogs that play outdoors on hot summer days may feel more thirsty to compensate for dehydration.

#5 Liver Diseases
Liver diseases will make your dog consume more water and are related to aging in dogs. It changes the color of the eyes in dogs, turning yellow, and the body weakens. Signs of mental confusion and increased thirst are symptoms that can show that your dog may be suffering from this disease.

#6 Hypercalcemia
Hypercalcemia is high levels of calcium in the blood. Dogs tend to be more depressed, sluggish, and have vomiting and constipation.

#7 Kidney failure
When a dog’s kidneys fail, it affects blood pressure and hormone production, among other consequences. Dogs suffering from kidney failure experience increased thirst, weight loss, constipation, and vomiting.

#8 Medicines
Some medications, such as steroids, can cause the dog to drink too much water as a side effect.

#9 Pyometra
It affects only non-sterilized bitches. It is a disease that manifests itself due to hormonal changes in the canine uterus.

#10 Psychogenic Polydipsia
It is a behavioral condition that manifests itself in excessive consumption of water. Applies to any signs of unusual thirst without physical reasons.

Take care of your pup! Don’t ignore the fact that your dog is drinking a lot of water. As mentioned initially, some conditions that cause extreme thirst can develop quickly and become a critical problem.

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