7 Signs Dogs Love Their Owners

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7 Signs Dogs Love Their Owners

Recent research has revealed that dogs develop a deep feelings for their owners. When they are with their owners, they release oxytocin, the love hormone.

In general, dogs are known for being friends and faithful companions. However, some dogs develop a solid feelings, even loving their human.

Know the seven main signals that dogs emit that prove their love for their owners.

#1 Chase the owner
The dog insists on following the owner anywhere. He always wants to be close to his owner and chase him around the house. This situation bothers some owners who end up tripping or feel like they don’t have space to move around. If that’s your case, don’t get angry with your dog. Educate him to respect your space.

#2 Schedules
The dog knows the owner’s schedule and is always waiting for him to come home. We could almost say that the minutes count for the owners’ arrival, getting anxious.

#3 Happy when the owner comes home
The dog is euphoric when the owner comes home and welcomes him with great joy. He is ecstatic, wants to lick it off, and desperately fans the cause.

#4 Mood change
Mood changes along with the owner. When the owner is happy, the dog is too excited, wants to play, and does everything to get attention. When the owner is sad, the dog is also downcast and quiet, sharing in the owner’s sadness and pain. This is one of the great signs of canine empathy.

#5 Farewell
The dog always says goodbye to the owner. Accompanies him to the door to say goodbye with eyes of affection and sadness in the mix.

#6 Protection
The dog protects the owner at all costs and always walks ahead of him, as he thinks that any unusual situation can pose some danger to his safety. Sometimes he can even attack people who get too close to the owner.

#7 Suffering
The dog suffers when separated from the owner for some time. He gets sad and gets sick to the point of not eating. He goes into a deep depression that can lead to his death. This is all caused by the pain of separation from the owner, which makes his immune system weakened.

These are just some of the most well-known signs. However, there are other signs that dogs can give, not least because dogs are all different from each other. If your dog has attitudes similar to these in your daily life, you can be sure that your dog loves you and that your four-legged friend will always be waiting for you.

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