What to do with dogs that are constantly barking?

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Cães que estão sempre a ladrar. O que fazer?

It is very common for baby dogs to bark frequently. They are growing, and in this phase, they start to get to know themselves and the world around them and a way to get the owner’s attention.

It is through barking that dogs express their feelings and emotions. However, when it becomes an apparent addiction, it can bring a set of less good situations for the owner’s life, namely conflicts with neighbors.

Through some techniques, you can reduce the frequency with which your dog barks, teaching him when he should and when he should not bark. Get to know the methods!

Top 5 reasons dogs bark:

-Get the owner’s attention
-Happiness and excitement
-Fear and anxiety
-Give warning signs

How to teach your dog to bark less:

1. Do not scream
The goal is to educate, and if you yell, it will just scare the dog. Stay calm and convey that calm to the animal.

2. Explore all causes
Confirm possible reasons why your dog is barking and eliminate them as much as possible. The animal can bark because it is hungry or wants to relieve itself.

3. Physical exercise
Make your dog run and expend energy to combat boredom and promote a state of calm.

4. Toys
In addition to physical exercise, giving your dog toys to entertain himself with is an aid that allows the animal to fight depression. Don’t leave your dog alone for too long, especially without having fun.

5. Educate
Try to teach your dog when to bark and when not to. Calmly ask it to stop barking and reward when it does. Use positive reinforcement as a gift, such as treats.

When to seek professional help

Before looking for a dog training professional, you must ensure that your dog does not have any health problems. We recommend that you visit the veterinarian to ensure that no severe issues bother your dog, causing him to bark frequently.

After confirming that everything is ok, look for a dog behavior trainer to help you control your pet’s barking. Use anti-bark collars only when the trainer recommends, as they are uncomfortable and may bother the animal for a few hours. Oppressing your dog from his natural behavior will only make him sad and discouraged.

In either situation, remain calm and do not hit the dog. Barking is often a problem with resolution, but the owner will have to be very patient and spend some time teaching the animal.