Top 7 benefits of owning a dog

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Benefícios de ter um Cão

Owning a dog can bring many benefits to people’s health and lives. For many, a dog is a friend and a sign of companionship. They are known to be very friendly and love their owner unconditionally.

If you already have a dog or want to have one, learn about the seven main benefits that these little friends give us:

1. Help owners stay in shape
Having a dog forces the owner to take him outside to relieve himself, and they are even a source of motivation to exercise. The dog is an animal that easily accompanies its owner and, therefore, is a good incentive for owners who like to walk or run.

2. Loyal Friends
They are our true friends. Regardless of the emotional state that the owner is in or even less good attitudes, the dog always welcomes him at home happily and enthusiastically. We can always count on dogs for all times!

3. Less stress
Studies prove that having a dog makes owners happier and less stressed. Why? Dogs show us the positive side of life and make us forget about our problems. The simple fact of having to take it to the street to do its needs makes the owners go for a walk, forgetting for a brief moment the less good things.

4. Improves babies’ immune system
Dogs are easily subject to dirt, which makes babies who come into contact with them develop their immune systems. In this way, they can fight coughs, colds, and ear infections more easily.

5. Decreased depression in the elderly
Seniors who have dogs feel less alone and less sad. Dogs are a way for elderly owners to entertain themselves and have “someone” to talk to. They are also a reason to go out and talk to other people.

6. Contributes to social life
During a dog walk, the owner is more likely to talk to other people along the way. Owners with dogs are a strong reason for approaching other people, leading them to speak with other people and, therefore, have a more active social life.

7. Teach owners to be better people
Both for children and adults. Dogs teach owners to see the world more positively and love without expecting anything in return.

Summing up

A dog is a faithful companion, and no wonder they say they are our best friends. They can bring many more benefits to people’s lives than those mentioned above. However, it is important to evaluate all the conditions to have one. Adopting a dog requires responsibility, care, and some monthly expenses that must be adequately anticipated.

Enjoy life in the company of a dog!

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