When should I cut my dog’s fur?

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Cut dog's fur

Dog hair bothers many owners and, in many cases, can even be bothersome to the dogs themselves. Either because they have their scent or because they come off easily, scattered around the house, namely on clothes and on the sofa.

Cutting the coat should be part of the routine for many dogs, especially if the weather is hot. It is also a way to keep the dog hygienic and the house clean.

When to cut the dog’s fur:

-On the hottest days, such as spring and summer, for example;
-When the dog usually loses a lot of hair;
-When the long fur touches the ground;
-When the fur easily gains an intense smell.

These are the main reasons to cut your hair, but you don’t need a reason to do so. If you think it’s the best for your dog and even for you, it is best to cut it.

Can I cut my dog’s fur?

Owners can cut their dogs’ fur, but they should be aware of the risks they take. It is possible that you missed the animal’s skin, injuring it. You must be sure of the areas to be cut, and only then should you proceed with the cut.

Also, know that you should use a shaver and not scissors for a reason mentioned above. Cutting with scissors and the risk of missing the skin is not accurate and leaves cut marks on the dog’s fur, not getting uniform. Using a shaver prevents the cut and goes the hair uniform, without any differences along with the cut.

Before starting the cut, you should always wash your bigeye and dry it afterward. If you wash your dog before cutting the hair with the machine, you will prevent debris from damaging it.

After the bath, cut the fur carefully and take as much time as necessary to complete the task. In the end, give the dog another bath to remove the cut hairs from the animal’s skin.

Can I cut the dog’s whiskers?
Never cut your dog’s whiskers! Do not. Mustaches are a crucial element that helps dogs’ eyesight and smell, so they must be kept intact.

My dog ​​won’t let me cut his fur. What to do?

First of all, start by familiarizing the dog with the tools you will use. Let him smell and hear the machines, scissors, or dryer. Give it time and start slowly by cutting the fur. We suggest that you talk to him in a happy tone during the process and show him that there is nothing to fear. It’s essential to keep calm for him to feel it.

If you are still having difficulties or doubts about how to cut your dog’s fur and don’t feel comfortable doing it, seek the help of a professional. A professional will cut your dog’s fur correctly, and if you watch, you will learn how to do it and even some techniques you can use.

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