How to calm a dog afraid of fireworks?

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Dogs afraid of fireworks

The festive seasons are always very difficult for dogs, and anyone knows what we are talking about.

Dogs can’t stand the noise of fireworks and get scared, anxious, nervous, and, in some cases, these states can take hours to pass completely. But why? Simply because they don’t know the nature of the noise and associate it with some approaching danger or threat.

Therefore, the owner has a crucial role in the way he deals with these moments of stress and, to deal with them in the best possible way, we list some points that he can put into practice to help his bigeye!

Help your dog to have fun
Talk to him and give him cuddles. Show him there is nothing to fear and try to distract him from the sounds. Although it is impossible to abstract the dog from the noise completely, do your best to focus on your voice, feeling that there is no need to be afraid through your calm and tranquility.

Pay attention to his voice. Don’t talk to your dog with a voice of sadness, but with a firm and even happy voice. He used to smile. He will recognize and associate it with something positive.

Muffle the outside sounds
Keep the noise down as much as you can and put your dog in a faraway room or with good insulation. Also, choose to put on background music, calm, to hear the fireworks less.

Close all windows, gates, and doors
Both to muffle the sound and prevent the bigeye from running away and seeking refuge elsewhere. This attitude is very common in dogs that, with desperation, look for safer places where they can hide.

Don’t leave the dog alone
Leaving the dog alone to deal with the problem will only worsen the situation.
Owners can calm the dog by talking to him with food and toys, but respect it if the dog wants to be quiet.
The important thing is that he feels safer with you next to him. Even if you move away, you will notice that he chases you around the house to feel protected, so don’t push him out at any time.

Take advantage of personal protection
If you live in an area with many fireworks, buy a dog ear protector, so the noise is muffled as much as possible.

Soothing for extreme cases
If your dog has severe reactions to the sound of fireworks, try to give him a calming pill. Before doing so, we advise you to seek veterinary help so that you can prescribe the most suitable medication for your dog.

Protect your dog’s best friend, your dog.

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