I’m going on vacation and my dog can’t go. What do I do?

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During the holiday season in Portugal, we often see an increase in abandoned animals on Portuguese streets. Despite all the warnings and awareness, there are still abandoned animals every year because the owners go on vacation.

Many owners want to go on vacation, but the destination or airline does not allow pets. What to do then? Learn about the alternatives to going on vacation without leaving your four-legged friend behind.

Leave your dog at a friend’s house

Whether it’s seven days, fifteen days, or one month, try to leave your dog at a friend’s house. Explain his needs and ask him to care for your little friend during his absence.

Leave your dog at home with plenty of food and water

If the holidays are for a short period, you can choose to leave your dog at home with enough food and water for the days you will be away. This solution can be tricky, as dogs can bark and yelp for hours at a time when alone. This situation will only disturb the neighbors, so you should only do this if you know your dog, ensuring that this will not happen.

If you have the opportunity, you can ask a family member or friend to stop by your house to confirm that everything is ok with the pup and keep him company.

Leave your dog in a dog hotel

A dog hotel has the services you are looking for when going on vacation. Accommodation walks, food, company, and care are some of your dog’s benefits in a dog hotel.


Some associations accept dogs and take care of them while you are away. As a last resort, if you don’t have anyone to stay with your dog or can’t pay for the services of a dog hotel, look for an association that accepts dogs for accommodation at the time of the holidays and leave your dog there.

Abandonment of animals in Portugal

Never abandon your dog at any time. Abandoning animals and dogs is a crime provided for in Portuguese legislation. According to Law 69/214, “Whoever, having the duty of guarding, monitoring or assisting a pet, abandons it, thus endangering its food and providing care due to it, is punished with a penalty. Imprisonment for up to six months or a fine of up to 60 days”.

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