Dog care in summer

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Dog care in summer

The hottest months of the year can be challenging for our four-legged friends. There are numerous situations in which heat can lead to the death of our animals and, therefore, it is up to the owners to ensure the well-being of their animals in the hottest seasons.

Walk time

Walk your dog during the cooler hours, such as early morning and late in the day/night. The outside temperature in the hottest hours can reach 45ºC in the shade, not to mention the temperature of the ground exposed to the sun that can burn the animal’s paws.

Respect the dog’s limits

If you have walked for 5, 10, 15 minutes or more and your dog is tired, then stop. Do not pull or force the dog to walk further, as the animal may feel unwell and may even have a hyperthermia attack. If your dog doesn’t want to walk, end the walk and take him home.


Just like us humans, dogs also need sunscreen. If you’re going to walk your dog and it’s sunny, put sunscreen on the animal’s fur, especially on white short-haired dogs.

Dark colored dogs also need sunscreen, especially in areas where there is less hair like the ears, paws and belly. In addition to burns, the sun can cause skin cancer.

Play time

Try to play with your dog during the cooler times of the day, especially if you are in places without air conditioning or with a cool environment. Try not to overwork the dog by making him hotter than he already is.


Water is essential for the rehydration of dogs and in the summer it is even more so. Have plenty of water available and within reach of the bigeye so you can refresh yourself at any time. Change the water frequently, as the water bowl is prone to drooling, dirty and furry. It is really very important that the water is always fresh and in the shade.

Keep the house cool

If you can, try to keep your house cool so that it is as pleasant as possible for the dog to be able to withstand and even overcome the heat.

Dogs in the yard

If you have your dog in the backyard, prepare a shady spot so that the animal can protect itself and not get even hotter. Consider the sun’s circulation and don’t forget that the shade changes according to this circulation. Make sure the dog has shade available throughout the day.

The dog’s water also must be in the shade. Do not leave it exposed to the sun.


If you walk with your dog in the car, turn on the air conditioning or open the windows so that the air circulates and you can cool off. The car is a place that naturally gets hot and, if it is parked in the sun, it gets even hotter and even unbearable for the dog to breathe, which can lead to the death of the animal.

Never leave the dog in a car parked in the sun, especially with the windows closed. There are numerous cases of dogs dying inside the car due to the high temperature that the vehicle gains in the sun.

Don’t forget that your dog’s safety depends on you. Protect your dog.

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