Does your dog make holes in the ground? Find out how to solve it!

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Dog digs holes

Most dogs are fans of digging holes in the ground, and owners with gardens at home know what we are talking about. Despite bothering many owners, the truth is that digging the earth is a good habit for the dog since it is a way to entertain or even find a cooler place in hot weather to lie down.

Does your dog also dig holes in the ground and want to know how to stop this habit? Discover our tips to end this addiction of your bigeye!

Create specific corners for your dog to make holes in the dirt

As indicated earlier, many dogs make holes to lie down in a cooler place. That would be ideal if you left a free spot in your garden where your dog could dig. If the dog has a place just for him, he will not make holes in flowers, vegetables, or passage areas.

Walk with your dog

Dogs can also dig holes out of excess energy or boredom. Many owners are still of the opinion that they don’t need to walk their dogs because they have a yard, garden, or a big house for them to run, but the truth is that dogs don’t start running on their own. They need to be stimulated, and, for that to happen, you should walk the bigeye.

Bury the feces in the holes the dog made

If you bury the feces in the dog’s holes, when he opens the hole again and finds his feces, it will serve as a kind of punishment. The next time he goes to dig holes, he’ll remember the experience of digging up his feces, and he won’t want to go through that again. Note that dogs are very hygienic animals.

Adapt your garden

Digging is not a bad habit for the dog. It is good for him, as it passes the time, distracts you, and spends energy, among other benefits. Digging holes in the dirt is bad for the owners, not the dogs. So, you can strategically adapt your garden, such as installing a physical barrier (wall or fence), protecting your flowers with a net, etc.

Don’t scold your dog

When you see your dog digging holes in the garden, don’t yell at him. If you do, the dog will understand that you are paying attention and may start to make more holes precisely to get your attention.

You should distract him and call him to do something else. The dog may not realize that the act of digging holes in the dirt is what got his attention. Don’t ignore it because if you do, the dog will create a compulsive behavior and make digging a habit, which is very difficult for the owners to solve.

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