My dog won’t stop chewing! What can I do?

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Dog Gnawn

Many families take in a dog and end up seeing their belongings gnawed by the new family member. Dogs, especially children, have a natural need to gnaw, but why?

Causes of dogs gnawing

There are several reasons for dogs to gnaw, and among them we have:

1.Teeth to be born
This is one of the most common reasons dogs gnaw when children. With the change of teeth, which usually lasts for three months, dogs feel itchy gums, pain, or even feel the need to take a baby tooth and the way to satisfy the discomfort is to take some objects to the mouth.

2.They do not have toys of their own and suitable for chewing
In addition to dog toys helping prevent tartar formation and contribute to gum health, they help the dog fight problems that feel in the mouth and boredom. There are several toys of the most varied forms and shapes, suitable for each breed of dog, so you should look for the most ideal for your 4-legged friend.

3.Spend little energy and get bored
In cases where dogs stay at home for a long time, alone or even stopped, they end up getting bored, looking for ways to have fun. Gnawing objects is one way they find fun, so the dog must spend energy daily to fight boredom and loneliness.

When dogs are scared, they tend to gnaw to ease their restlessness and become more relaxed. There are several situations that dogs are afraid of, namely thunderstorms, when the owners scream, with fireworks, alarms, etc. Make the environment where your dog lives more relaxed and help your dog to have fun.

Some dog breeds are very energetic and have a lot of energy to spend. The tendency to gnaw is great, both when they are children and adults. Therefore, a good walk or run is crucial in making the dog expend energy so that he does not feel the need to gnaw everything around him.

Breeds with the habit of gnawing:
-Labrador Retriever
-Golden retriever
-Shetland Shepherd
-Jack Russell Terrier
-Pit bull

6. Anxiety
One of the ways dogs find for fighting anxiety is by gnawing on objects. Being nervous, dogs expend energy gnawing, thus becoming more relaxed. There are several reasons for anxiety in dogs, such as moving house, living with different people, thunderstorms, etc.

Although this is a frequent and quickly resolved problem, most owners isolate the dog, putting it outside. This is not, without a doubt, the correct way to solve the gnawing addiction.

How to stop the dog from gnawing

The way to stop your dog from chewing varies from the cause that makes him chew, but, in general, getting your dog to exercise expending energy is a good start. Walk your dog, play with him and give him toys appropriate for his age and teeth. Don’t leave your dog alone and unattended for too long.

Do not leave socks, shoes, slippers, electrical cables, toxic products, plants, or other personal objects at the disposal of the dog. Keep them out of the animal’s reach.

Most of the time, the well-being of dogs depends on the owners.