Essencial vaccines for dogs

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Vacinas cães

What are the mandatory vaccinations for dogs?

The only mandatory dog vaccine in Portugal is the rabies vaccine. This vaccine is administered from 3 months of age and lasts for 1 to 3 years. Depending on the dog and the environment in which it lives, a booster of this vaccine may be necessary.

To vaccinate your dog with the rabies vaccine, you must apply the identification microchip to your dog in advance, duly registered with the SIAC (Company Animal Information System). The microchip is mandatory in Portugal for all dogs.


Essential and recommended vaccines for dogs

There is a set of vaccines that protect your dog against certain highly contagious and fatal diseases, but which are not mandatory in Portugal.

The vaccination period and respective boosters vary from the type of vaccine, the dog, and even the conditions in which it lives, so we recommend that you consult your Veterinarian regarding the vaccination plan to follow.

Recommended vaccines:

  • Parvovirus:

The disease is caused by the “Parvo” virus and is usually transmitted after dogs ingest infected food. It affects the intestinal tract, causing diarrhea, vomiting, high fever, and extreme weakness.

  • Distemper:

CDV (Canine Distemper Virus) is a virus that is transmitted between dogs and has a high mortality rate. It affects the lungs, intestinal tract, and nervous system of dogs.

  • Leptospirosis:

Disease caused by Leptospira bacteria that can even infect people. Contagion occurs after direct contact with urine infected with Leptospira.

  • Infectious hepatitis:

Dog hepatitis, or Rubarth’s disease, is caused by a virus that attacks the liver. The contagion happens between dogs, so it only takes an infected dog to infect a healthy one.

  • Parainfluenza:

Also known as “Canine Cough” (infectious canine tracheobronchitis), this disease is caused by a respiratory virus transmitted by many dogs in the same space.

  • Leishmaniasis:

It is a disease caused by a virus called Leishmania, and, in addition to dogs, people can also be infected. The disease can be contracted by biting female phlebotomus insects of the species Phlebotomus perniciosus and P. ariasi.

  • Tick fever:

This disease is caused by ticks that end up injecting microorganisms by drinking the dog’s blood. Ticks are parasites with a high degree of disease transmission and which cause several side effects in dogs.


How much do vaccines cost?

The price of vaccines varies from vet to vet, so you should check the prices on the market.


Who can administer vaccines?

In Portugal, the Veterinarian is solely responsible for administering the vaccine and preparing a vaccination plan according to the characteristics and needs of each dog.

If in doubt about your dog’s vaccination plan, consult your Veterinarian and protect your best friend.