How to teach your dog to relieve itself in the right place

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One of the first lessons baby dogs should learn is where to relieve themselves. It is one of the most important lessons, but some dogs have difficulty acquiring habits about where they can do so. Learning where to go to the toilet is not difficult, and for that, we have chosen seven practical tips that will help you teach your dog.

To start teaching your dog, you must know precisely what you want to teach, as there are three situations to consider teaching:

-Teach the dog to relieve itself inside the house, in a specific place;
-Teach the dog to relieve itself on the street during the walk.

If you don’t have much time to walk your dog, it may be in your best interest to teach your pup to relieve themselves indoors. On the other hand, if you want to avoid smells and cleanliness, you may want to teach your dog to relieve themselves indoors.
As a last resort, you can teach both methods since you may not feel like walking your dog and want him to do his business indoors.

Although there are techniques that only work with baby dogs and others with adult dogs, we’ve put together seven quick tips that can help you solve the problem and work most of the time:

1st Before adopting a dog, you must choose and adapt the space wherever the dog needs to go. When he arrives, you’ll have everything organized and ready for him. Do not place the needs area with the feeding area, as dogs prefer to relieve themselves away from the food.

With a sheet of newspaper wet it lightly with dog urine and let it dry. Then place it where you want it to go, mixing the newspaper with the other sheets. Let the newspaper soak up urine just so the dog can smell it, but not enough for the owners to be able to smell it.

3rd Whenever you realize that your dog wants to relieve itself in the wrong place, pick him up immediately, without frightening him, and put him in the right place. Make this transition discreetly and with as few words as possible, as dogs can get used to the attention and will need to go to the wrong place to pick him up and hold him.

4th Don’t yell at your dog, as it’s in the learning phase, and it’s not advisable. This behavior can trigger worse scenarios, leading you to hide your necessities, doing it under your bed or other furniture.

5th Reward the dog to accelerate learning. Whenever he relieves himself in the right place, give him extra cookies, praise, and treat him.

6th Choose to remove all the rugs from the house to cancel the possibility of your dog relieving himself in the wrong place.

7th If your dog is an adult, sterilize it. During heat, dogs like to mark their territory and urinate in completely random places. If you neuter him, you’ll lessen the chances of this happening.

My dog ​​relieved himself in the wrong place. How can I clean?
Whenever your dog relieves himself in the wrong place, you can clean it with water and apply vinegar to eliminate odors if you have done it in an outdoor area. Thus, it prevents the dog from doing it again in the same place.

In the case of indoor areas, it is best to use a dog repellent, as it does not have a strong smell and is sufficient to eliminate odors, particularly in sofas, armchairs, furniture, rugs, etc.

At no time choose to show that you are upset with your dog urinating in the wrong places. Do not rub the muzzle in the urine or tap. This behavior will only make your dog afraid, starting to look for hidden locations inside the house to relieve himself. In extreme cases, dogs may even eat their feces to hide. So, ignore mistakes, eliminate odors and opt for the positive reward to teach your dog in the best way. Be patient and keep an eye on your dog.

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