How to prepare your dog for the arrival of the baby

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Como apresentar o bebé ao cão

Introducing a newborn baby to a dog is an issue that worries many parents, as it is a very decisive moment for the well-being of everyone in the house.

Dogs are known to be friends, but some dogs react badly to the baby’s arrival, mainly because they are afraid or, in some cases, jealous. However, the good news is that most dogs react positively, even developing affection for the baby beyond reacting with strangeness and curiosity.

Still, you should prepare your dog before and during the baby’s presentation. Find out how!

Before the presentation

1. Let the dog approach your belly
Allow your faithful friend to notice and gain a special affection for the baby. Dogs are intelligent and quickly notice that there is something inside the mother’s belly. In addition to being intelligent, they are sentimental, and the approach of the belly will make the dog gain feelings for the new member of the family.

2. Educate your dog
Some mothers do not want dogs to enter the baby’s room or bark to not wake the child. To avoid less good and even frustrating episodes for both you and your dog, start teaching the animal where it can enter, where it cannot teach it to bark less and make less noise.

3. Come up with a fictional baby
Yes, you read that right. To get your dog used to the new sounds that he will be dealing with in the future, play sounds of babies laughing, crying, and even “talking” for the animal to get used to. Babies’ voices can be very aggressive to the dogs’ ears, so it’s important that he starts getting used to and familiarizing himself with these sounds as soon as possible!

4. Pay attention to the dog!
This is a very important tip. A baby’s arrival is more than enough reason for your world to revolve around the child, but don’t forget to give the dog the necessary attention. Dogs should never be despised! Although attention wanes, show him that he won’t be overlooked.
Continue to give him affection, attention and walk him.

During the presentation

1. Let the dog smell
Start by first presenting the hospital bags and objects already used by the child, as they have the baby’s scent. Give the dog time to smell and assimilate what is happening. Go petting and talk to him. Transform the moment into a happy and pleasant environment for everyone.

2. Time to show the baby!
Start by introducing the baby from afar calmly. Get closer and analyze the dog’s reaction. As you approach, cuddle the child, so the dog understands that you like the baby and that there is nothing to be afraid of.

3. The final date
After you have calmly introduced the baby to your dog, it’s time to put the child down and, always protecting him, let your dog approach him independently. Give it time, as this is a time of many uncertainties. When the dog finally decides to come over, let him sniff the baby. You will see that your faithful four-legged friend will take less than 2 minutes to decide to lick the child and shower him with kisses.

4. Don’t protect the baby from the dog too much
Preventing your dog from approaching and licking the child is a mistake. We are not saying to let your dog thoroughly lick the baby, but not letting such an approach happen is an error.
By preventing your dog from getting to know and getting close to the youngest member of the family, you will leave your dog frustrated and sad, which, as you can imagine, would not be suitable for the environment at home and the dog’s life.

If, even after all the care, your dog is still away, afraid, and refuses to meet the child, do not force the approach at any time. The pup probably needs time to gain courage and overcome fear.

As the days go by, the dog will naturally approach. Until then, don’t leave the two alone in the same place and respect the dog’s space.

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