Dogs that itch a lot: Know the 5 reasons

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Dogs that itch a lot: Know the 5 reasons

It is normal for dogs to scratch themselves, but we must be alert when they constantly scratch too much. There can be several reasons that lead dogs to scratch themselves a lot, and the ways of scratching are also different. In addition to the well-known gesture of scratching with the back paw, some dogs scratch themselves by rubbing their backs, others rub their muzzles on various surfaces, and it can also happen that dogs scratch themselves by licking their paws.

Discover the top 5 reasons that make your dog scratch a lot, beyond normal.

Allergic dermatitis
Several reasons can cause allergies in dogs, such as, for example, a component present in the food, cleaning products that have been in contact with the bigeye, among others. Allergies cause itching in dogs, which is one reason that leads them to scratch a lot.

Fleas and ticks are one of the most common reasons dogs constantly scratch themselves. If you checked your dog’s fur and saw fleas or ticks, take him to the veterinarian to prescribe an efficient treatment for the pup to eliminate these parasites.

After going to the vet and during treatment, don’t forget to clean your house so that the animal doesn’t get parasites again.

Scabies is nothing more than a skin disease caused by mites, and that causes a lot of itching in dogs. In addition to itching, if your dog has peeling skin, redness, areas of the body without hair, dark spots on the skin, or any other different sign on the skin or fur, you should take him to the vet because it could be mange.

Boredom can cause dogs to scratch themselves because they have nothing else to do. This action can create a compulsive behavior in the dog, making a habit. In these cases, owners should walk the dog more and play with it. Buy him some toys to play with while you’re away or flavored chews. It’s a way to pass the time and be entertained.

Canine otitis is an ear canal infection that causes dogs to scratch their ears a lot. It can be caused by fungi, mites, and infections caused by bacteria, among other causes. If your dog is scratching his ears, check them to see if they are red or have excess wax production, blood, or other abnormal signs. If your dog shows any of these signs, take him to the veterinarian immediately so that he can be properly monitored and treated.

In addition to the reasons mentioned, the dog may be scratching itself very simply to get the owner’s attention. Dogs are intelligent beings that quickly learn how to manipulate their owners. When dogs do something and realize that that thing was enough to get their attention, they are likely to repeat it, thus creating a habit.

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