10 Things Dogs Hate About People

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10 Things Dogs Hate About People

Did you know that there are things we owners do that dogs don’t like at all? It is true! Our dogs are also sad and angry with their owners, and many do not even know that this happens.

Curious about what makes your dog angry with you? Get to know the top 10 things dogs hate about people.

Noises and strong smells
It is usual for dogs not to like loud noises, as dogs have a much sharper hearing and, therefore, are more sensitive than humans. So, any noise that bothers people will upset the dog a lot more. The hairdryer, the vacuum cleaner, and fireworks are some examples.

Some dogs get used to loud noises from babies, and when they become adults, they are not scared, but, in general, most dogs hate it.

Regarding smells, it is also a delicate issue since the sense of smell is much more acute than that of people. Whatever smell is stronger for the owner, it is worse for the dog.

Talking a lot and not using body language
We talk to dogs most of the time, and we don’t use gestures and short words that they can understand, which completely irritates the dogs. Dogs prefer that owners communicate with them using body language and a few short words that they already know and that they can assign meaning based on past experiences.

Be always complaining
When we are in a bad mood, we get irritated by anything and transmit a sense of negativity and irritability to the dogs.

Complaining a lot is not a positive attitude. It only causes stress and fear. When you scold your dog for something he’s done, but he’s done it for a while, he won’t realize what he’s done wrong and will be scared of you.

Lack of routine and inconsistency
Dogs like to have a routine because they feel more secure and calm. The lack of routine or inconsistency, such as meaningless arguments, makes the dog feel uncomfortable at home and constantly stressed and bothered.

We advise you to plan the hours you will give your dog attention and always use the same way to communicate with him. In this way, the dog will not be restless or upset.

Stare into the eyes
Dogs don’t like their owners to stare into their eyes. If you’ve done this at some point, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that the dog looks away. Eye contact for dogs means a state of alertness, defiance, or fear. Avoid meeting a dog’s eyes, especially if it’s not yours.

Too many kisses and hugs
Certain things are normal for owners who enjoy squeezing, hugging, and kissing their dogs, but they don’t interpret these actions the same way owners do. Dogs don’t hug or kiss, so when you hug or kiss your dog constantly, it’s confusing for him, mainly if he hasn’t been used to it since he was a baby.

Not holding the leash properly and walking in a hurry
Commonly, we do some things wrong when we walk the dog, but it is necessary to learn to correct them if we want to enjoy the walks in the best way possible.

Sometimes, when walking the dog, we pull the leash too close to us, not giving the dog freedom to explore the area and the smells around. Other times, we walk the dog for a short time because we are in a hurry.

Dogs need time to explore the area and bond with other animals to smell their needs and play. Give your dog time and space to explore!

It is normal during the colder seasons for owners to dress their dogs in their clothes, but the use of accessories bothers the dogs a lot. Dogs don’t feel comfortable, and when we laugh about putting accessories on them, they don’t understand why we do it, and they get confused without realizing our reaction.

Bathe often
It’s normal for people to shower every day, but for dogs, it’s not.
Dogs have their way of cleaning themselves and even need their scent to communicate with others. It’s one thing to bathe the dog when it’s dirty. It’s another thing to bathe constantly, which is even inadvisable.

Do you have questions about dog bathing? Learn more here.

Boredom and loneliness
Dogs can’t stand being bored as they want to be entertained and spend time with their owners. They don’t like it when the owners ignore them when they’re absent, when they don’t know when they’re going to get home or if they’re going to come home.

Buy toys and walk your dog every day so he can exercise physically and psychologically. Do not allow your dog to spend too much time alone.

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