Tips for taking your dog to the beach

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Tips for taking your dog to the beach

With summer just around the corner, we decided to choose some tips to keep in mind when taking your bigeye to the beach. Some tips may go unnoticed by owners, but it’s small details that make a difference in the well-being of dogs.

Before taking the dog to the beach, find out if the beach you want to go to allows dogs to enter. There are beaches that prohibit the entry of animals, so be safe from this situation.

Collar with identification

Opt for a collar with identification and your contact details so that, if your dog gets lost, he can return home more easily. Unforeseen events happen, so be prepared.

Release the dog

Be especially careful when releasing your dog on the beach, as there are other people who are afraid, who don’t like dogs or who have a phobia. When you release your dog, remember that you are somehow forcing other people to interact with your bigeye, which is not correct.

In addition to people, there are also other dogs on the beach that may not be receptive, causing a fight between them.

Bags to collect feces

Don’t leave the house to a public place without the bags to collect your bigeye’s feces. Keep the beach clean!

Bring water for the dog

Regardless of the number of hours you spend on the beach, take plenty of water with you so that your dog can hydrate whenever he wants. Even if the dog does not show a desire to drink water, point the bottle at him and release the water to encourage drinking.

In addition to thirst, keep the dog’s body wet or damp so that it does not overheat, thus preventing hyperthermia.

Parasol or shade

Prevent your dog from being exposed to the sun in the hottest hours. Look for shade or take a parasol with you so the two of you can protect each other.


Just like us humans, dogs also need sunscreen. Whenever the bigeye is exposed to the sun, apply sunscreen to the animal’s fur, especially if the dog is white with short hair.

Dark colored dogs also need sunscreen, especially in areas where there is less hair like the ears, paws and belly. In addition to burns, the sun can cause skin cancer.


If your dog is afraid of the beach, choose to take some toys with him and spend some time playing with the bigeye. Encourage play so that the animal will forget about fear. In addition to the fear issue, the animal may also be bored and need to have fun.

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