What do dogs know about their owners?

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What do dogs know about their owners?

Dogs know things about their owners that the owners don’t even realize. Known for being very intelligent, dogs begin at an early age to demystify their owners and understand their behaviors. Even if we try to trick the bigeye and show that we feel something we don’t feel, the dog can understand and distinguish between the lie and the truth.


Dogs can tell when their owners are afraid. As? When we are afraid, we release adrenaline and cortisol, and the dogs’ sense of smell can detect the release of these substances. In addition, facial and body expressions denounce the owners, since dogs can also interpret the various expressions, associating them with feelings.

This behavior also influences the behavior of dogs, causing them to feel fear in the same way. This is one of the reasons dogs pick on people who are already scared, because they are scared too.


As indicated in the previous point, dogs can interpret the facial and body expressions of the owners. Through this interpretation, they can see if the owners are sad and happy. They are sensitive to any sign and, even when the owners try to hide it, the animal can see that it is a lie.


There are some diseases that dogs can identify like cancer, for example. If your dog insists on sniffing any part of its body, be surprised and make sure that everything is fine in terms of health. Don’t mistake the insistence of smell as when they sniff when owners have been with other animals or near something with a strong smell.


It is common for dogs to approach pregnant women to the point of wanting to protect them. Dogs can understand the pregnancy process and even feel the need to protect babies after they are born.

Where was the owner

Through smell, dogs can perceive where the owner has been, the path he has taken, and even if he has been with other animals or people. Dogs’ sense of smell is very keen to the point of allowing the dog to make a map of everything the owner has done outside the house.

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