Dogs that cry too often: know the reasons!

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why does my dog cry a lot?

Dogs that cry often do so for some reason. When a dog cries, this is his way of communicating with the owner and saying that he is sick, afraid, or needs attention.
It is up to the owners to understand what is going on with the animal and make it feel good and comfortable. If you can’t find out why your dog is crying more than usual, seek help and go to a veterinarian.

Here are the main reasons why dogs cry often:

To get attention
When dogs cry to get attention, owners often think they are crying because they are too pampered, so they choose to ignore it. Ignoring the dog is a completely wrong attitude since, as mentioned above, crying is part of dogs’ language, and we should not ignore them. We have to give them the attention they need and try to understand what is happening.

A dog can be afraid for various reasons, such as a loud noise, anxiety, strange people, or even the presence of other animals. Try to understand if anything has changed in the dog’s environment to find out what might be tormenting him.

Basic needs
A dog can also cry because it has run out of food or water, because it needs to leave the house or relieve itself. Crying in these cases is easily recognized because once the dog’s needs are met, he becomes silent and peaceful.

A sick or in pain dog is likely to cry, especially when touched in the affected area or when making some movement. The dog must be examined to confirm/dispel any suspicion. If owners notice that the dog cries because it has difficulty urinating or defecating, the animal should be taken to the vet immediately.

Not all crying is negative. Dogs can also cry when they are very emotional. A clear example of this is when the owner comes home. Many dogs are nervous the moment their owners get home and, therefore, when they arrive, they run to welcome them, greet them and even end up whimpering. When the greeting ends, the crying also ends.

Baby Dogs
Baby dogs cry, and it’s normal. When a baby dog ​​arrives at a new house, he feels for the first time loneliness and fear. He finds himself in a situation that is new and unknown to him. Baby dogs need time to adjust to their new family. Owners can help the animal adapt and give it security and confidence. Gradually, the baby dog ​​will stop crying.

Senior Dogs
Osteoarthritis problems cause a lot of pain and can also make dogs cry, among other issues such as disorientation and discomfort that usually require the intervention of a veterinarian. Older dogs undergo several changes due to mental and physical aging processes that can cause them to cry. If he cries at night, it could mean that his sleep patterns are changing, causing him to spend more time sleeping during the day.

Whatever your dog’s reason for crying often, your role as an owner is to make sure you try everything to make your dog feel good again. Don’t ignore the signals your dog gives you, and stay alert.

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