Why is my dog ​​licking his paws a lot?

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When a dog licks its paws a lot, it signifies that something is incorrect. If you see your dog licking its paws more than usual, know that you must be attentive and understand what is causing the bigeye discomfort. Take the dog to the vet and have him check that he is okay.

For owners who spend a lot of time outside the house and who, for that reason, do not notice the change in the dog’s behavior, three signs stand out in how the dog is licking its paws a lot:

-One of them is granulometry. Granuloma is sore and signs that the dog is licking its paws.

-The other sign is coloration, especially in dogs with acid tears. Dogs with acid tears have tear marks in their eyes as if they were always crying. This means that the pH of the dog’s secretion is acidic. When we look at the dog’s paws, the paws also have a different color from the rest of the fur. They are usually darker than the rest of the body color. But why? Because dog saliva, like tears, is acidic.

-Another sign is redness on the paws that can be caused by contact allergy.

Why does the dog lick its paws a lot?

#1 Allergies
Allergy to something present in the environment he lives, allergy to some food or cleaning products. Allergies cause itching, and dogs lick their paws to combat the itch.

#2 Anxiety
This is one of the main reasons dogs constantly lick their paws, especially dogs that spend a lot of time alone and are stressed.

#3 Boredom
The dog may be licking his paws a lot because he has nothing else to do. It’s a way to occupy time and be entertained.

The solution for both anxiety and boredom is the same. The dog should be walked, and owners should spend more time playing with the animal. The bigeye’s quality of life needs to be improved!

#4 Dry skin
Dry skin is itchy. If your dog is licking its paws because of dry skin, it should be taken to a vet to resolve this issue.

#5 Fungi
The most common fungus in dogs is the Malassezia fungus. In addition to intense itching, the observable signs include hair loss, abrasions on nails and teeth, and thick and rough skin. Dogs usually rub their skin against objects and rugs, dark spots on the skin of the ears and behind. There are other signs besides those mentioned, so you should pay attention to your bigeye.

#6 Parasites
Fleas and ticks are two common parasites in dogs that cause itching, especially ticks that lodge between the toes of dogs’ paws.

#7 Pain
Sometimes dogs can be bitten by an insect. They can burn their paws on the hot ground. They can have hurt their paws in some way. Numerous reasons cause foot pain, so it is often not easy to find the problem causing it.

If your dog licks its paws exhaustively and his behavior has completely changed due to this symptom, immediately take the pup to a veterinarian.

The seven reasons mentioned above are not the only ones that lead dogs to lick their paws. A veterinarian will be the professional indicated to indicate the problem and the respective solution. Take care of your pup!

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